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On the Look Out

On the Look Out

Meet Tommy the cheeky Australian Terrier. Those of you who have been following me for a little while will have seen his photo before. From the front. Which I'll admit is the more usual way to meet someone. If you'd like to see his cheeky little face just click right here but there is just something I love about this windswept image of him on the beach on the look out for his next bit of mischief.

Tommy is my giant, black greyhound Buddy's best friend. A more mismatched, cuter pair you've never seen, I'm sure. The size difference is hilarious. To demonstrate here is a rubbish iPhone snap of them checking their wee mails together. Adorable or what?


It was on one of those occasions when this pic of Tommy on the look out for mischief was taken. As you can imagine, Tommy's little legs don't carry him quite as fast or as far as Buddy's do so I think this was caught as Tommy waits for Buddy to come back around in the big circle he usually makes so Tommy can rush out at him while they exchange furious sounding growly barks. One day I shall succeed in getting a video of them at it. So far my attempts have been dismal failures as I just can't quite keep up with the action!

I think this image works for me on two levels. First, because I know the dog and the circumstances in which it was taken it is a happy photo. Without that knowledge it could be read as a bit wistful, which is fine, I think it works quite well that way too. Second, I rather like the composition: I'm a bit of a fan of negative space, me; plus he has such lovely pointy ears. Look, let's face it, the basic truth is I like this photo because it's an animal and I am incapable of not loving anything to do with them!

Tiff xxx

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