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Tiffany Dryburgh

/artist statement

First of all, that's not me.


One, I'm not a man and two, I'm not that skinny. But I call that image 'Art Lover' and that is me. Furthermore, the photo was taken in Venice, which, as those who know me are well aware, is my spiritual home. So to speak. I love it, basically. So there, that's why I chose that pic to represent me. Even though it's not me. So who the hell am I, what do I do and why do I do it? Glad you asked.

You've probably gathered by now my name is Tiffany and I take photographs. I live by the sea in Melbourne, Australia with two cats and a dog, an ex-racing greyhound to be precise. You'll meet them in my photos fairly regularly so I won't bore you about them here. Suffice to say I love them more than life.


​So, anyway, what do I photograph and why? Well, I photograph pretty much anything that catches my eye, anything I find visually appealing. This means my subject matter is pretty eclectic but I think the common theme is beauty. Not always the kind of obvious beauty of, for example, flowers, although there is that too, but often the kind of hidden, sometimes impermanent beauty such as might otherwise not be noticed. Sometimes I find it in what others might even call ugly, things like graffitti or crumbling walls or even rubbish! There are aesthetically pleasing textures, angles, colours, shapes and patterns everywhere just waiting to be seen. Thankfully, I often do.


I say thankfully because, in my book, beauty nourishes the soul, it is necessary for life. Looking at beautiful art makes me happy. It's as simple as that. I really hope you find something here among my photos that makes you happy to look at.

/about me

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