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Tied Up

To continue with my series on the stories behind the images I present "Tied Up".

This was taken when I was trying to get the hang of my lovely new macro lens. I had no idea how tricky it would be. Getting the focus right was much harder than I expected so I have many, many out takes from these sessions! But it is worth the effort as you can get some really intriguing images using the macro.

I really like this one in particular, which seems strange when you realise that it is actually a close up of a very, very old, and well past its used by date, straw broom. I like the contrast of the vertical and horizontal lines as wel as the contrast of the dull, faded straw with the still vibrant nylon stitching. You might be able to pick from the colours of the stitching just how old this old broom is. Circa 1972. Just about as old as me!

Puzzling as to why we had hung on to it for so long. Why would we have brought it to Melbourne all the way from Sydney? Why would we move it from house to house to house over the course of close to 40 years? I have no idea but I liked it. I felt kind of sentimental about it. I never felt inclined to throw it out even though I'm an excellent thower outer. Somehow it made me feel still attached to those early years of the seventies spent in Sydney. Obviously I was too young when mum and dad moved us back to Melbourne to actually remember much about that time but I have heard so many stories that it feels like I do.

Sadly, the broom did finally get thrown out when mum and I moved into a much smaller house and we had to get really ruthless. But hey, I have this pic to remember it by!

Tiff xxx

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