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New Product - Prints On Wood

I have recently discovered a wonderful new print-on-demand website called Prints on Wood. As you might expect from the name they do prints on wood. They look wonderful. So I have started gradually making lots of my images available as such prints. I have also just ordered one for myself so I can get a better look at what they look like in the flesh.

They are printed using only the finest sustainable birch, maple, and bamboo plywood available. All wood is harvested from sustainable regions of the world. For every order Prints On Wood receives, one square meter of rainforest is donated to Cuipo, who purchases rainforest to set aside for preservation. By purchasing a print, you are helping to save the rainforest, one square meter at a time.

They come in three different thickness options: 6 mm / ¼ inch, 12 mm / ½ inch and 18 mm / ¾ inch; and three different finish options: Bright White Finish, Natural Gloss and Vintage Matte.

By selecting Bright White Finish, no wood grain will show through your image making it really stand out when printed. This finish is a perfect option for close up family photos, black and white photography, and fine art images. Below is an example of the Bright White finish. You can also see the built up layers of plywood.

wood print sample edge.jpg.corner.jpg

When selecting Vintage Matte or Natural Gloss finish options the natural lines of the wood grain will show through in all the lighter colors of an image adding a level of depth to the wood print. By selecting Vintage Matte, a flat look to the wood will show through the image. The Natural Gloss, our most popular option, highlights a light sheen in the wood.

The prints come in a large variety of sizes from a small 4 x 6 inches right up to a very large 30 x 40 inches. However not all images are available in all sizes, it will depend on the individual dimensions of each image.

All prints come ready to hang on the wall or display on your desk. A desk top display stand is ncluded with prints from 4 x 6 inches to 12 x 12 inches.


As this is a US webiste all prices are shown in US dollars with prices ranging from US$31.20 up to US$316.68 and you should also be aware that postage from the USA to AUstralia can be pricey. However, if you are looking for something a bit different and sustaibale to boot it could be worth it.

For much more information please see the FAQ at the Prints On Wood website by clicking here.

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